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Hi, I’m Anne N. Connor, a Vermont-based freelance writer with a master’s in science writing from Johns Hopkins University. My beat is solution-focused stories about climate, the environment, and sustainable food systems. I also write about health.

Other Writing

Sustainable Farmers See Promise in New Financing Options. Some small farms are rejecting expansion pressure by investing in long-term value. Will funders follow suit? (2023, February 28). Modern Farmer.

Lakes Are More Sensitive to Salt Than We Thought. An international study shows harm to aquatic ecosystems at low concentrations, suggesting a need to tighten limits. (2022, November 1). Ensia.

Have a Drink: Ethanol Helps Crop Plants Survive Drought and Heat.
(2022, September 6). The Xylom
Can Biodigesters Save America’s Small Dairy Farms?
(2022, May 16). Modern Farmer.

An Electrifying Way to Make Rice Farming Greener.
(2022, April 13). Modern Farmer.

How Will Fish Survive the World’s Warming Waters? (2022, February 26). Modern Farmer

Snowshoeing and Other Endangered Activities.
(2021, January 15). Flyway Journal.

San Antonio Finds the Key to Flood Control in its Gardens. (2019, December 23). Southwest Dispatch.

We Need to Change the Way We Talk About GMOs.
(2018, October 4). Undark.

Contracted writer, Swedish Digestive Health Institute, Seattle. Writing reported stories for the hospital system’s internal physician newsletter. Topics have focused on gastroenterology, obesity medicine, and hepatology. Regular contributor, 2020-present.

Neurons Simplify Visual Signals by Responding to Only One Retina.
(2021, October 1). The Scientist.

Human “Time Cells” Encode, Process Flow of Time.
(2021, October 1). The Scientist

USDA Unveils New Gene-Stacking Tool to Prevent Plant Diseases.
(2018, August 14). The Scientist.

Could Rapamycin Help Humans Live Longer?
(2018, March 1). The Scientist.

Ecological Sustainabilitypublished in 2013 by CRC Press. Includes a chapter on sustainable agriculture. Co-author and pre-submission editor.

Introduction to Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Proteomics for Biomedical Engineers, published in 2008 by CRC Press. Co-author and pre-submission editor.

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